I hope your summer was full of fun and relaxation. It’s been a LONG SUMMER for me, recovering from my broken ankle, but I am thrilled to say that I am finally getting back to being on two feet! I am still working intensely with my physical therapist, but I am moving in the right direction which is so exciting for me – and my business, which has literally been on hold since June 28th.

As far as returning to work, I will be taking a very limited number of clients during September in order to build up endurance and allow my body to get used to working. At the moment I’m still getting a lot of swelling and discomfort when on my feet for any amount of time, and I’m also working hard to eradicate the lovely limp that I’ve acquired from compensation. I’m going to have to work up to my normal client load…but I will get there (as quickly as possible)!

If you would like to see if we can get you on the schedule for September, feel free to reply to this email (or hop on the online calendar)…beginning in October, the calendar should open up a lot more and we should be more or less back to full time.

Again, thank you to each and every one of my amazing clients who have been nothing but supportive, compassionate, and awesome. I cannot WAIT get back at it and take care of YOU!

Cheers to September; I look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours in health,

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