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Deeply relaxing and delightfully detoxing.

What is Reflexology?

An ancient, manual technique, reflexology is based upon the concept that the entire body is reflected as a system of reflexes on the feet (hands and ears as well). By pressing on these reflexes with fingers, one is able to bring about relaxation and balance in the body, and also assist in overall detoxification and stress reduction. A wide variety of ailments and conditions are addressed with reflexology.

Some of the more common conditions include:

  • Digestive problems
  • Allergies
  • Mental Health (PTSD, healing from loss and other traumas)
  • Women’s Health (fertility, PMS/cramps, menopause)
  • Pediatric Health (sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal upset)
  • General Wellness (stress, immunity, sleeping disturbances)

Welcome balance and relaxation into every bit of you of your being. During a reflexology treatment, your mind, body, spirit – and feet, of course! – will be pampered. Our session will encourage your body to heal, and you will leave feeling restored.

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Each session borrows from a range of modalities and techniques in order to ensure you leave feeling fantastic! Click the link to book your session today!

Add-On Services

Need a little more time on the table? Want to add some aromatherapy to your session? Check out these great add-ons!

Pediatric Services

Infant Massage

  • Happy Baby, Happy Mommy Private Infant Massage Class $80
    In this hands-on private session, mom will spend an hour with her baby learning the value of infant massage, reflexology, and yoga, and how to use these techniques to promote baby’s wellbeing, and grow the bond between mother and child.

Foot Reflexology
Hand Reflexology

In Sanskrit, Shanti means
peace & tranquility.

With the goal of healing the past in order to welcome the present, the term "Shanti" evokes balance, freedom and a feeling of "lightness."

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Save 10% when you purchase a package of three treatments. $5 off your next session when someone you refer books one too. Book today!

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Sarah is amazing! She has a fantastic understanding of the body and how life circumstances can be reflected in your areas of tightness. Everything about her practice is easy - from booking an appointment with her to explaining your needs and goals for the session - she is incredibly responsive and understanding.

Most importantly your experience during the massage is completely comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating. When I leave, I think about the next time that I will need to go back to hit the reset button on my body!


Lynn, MA

Sarah is a great massage therapist. She took into consideration my requests but also listened to what my body was telling her and addressed areas that were definitely in need of being de-notted. She has a friendly and warm demeanor and treats her clients respectfully. Highly recommended!


Peabody, MA

Visit Shanti Bodywork

Located on the 5th floor and easy to find, my new space at 100 Cummings Center (Suite 538-K) in Beverly MA is full of beautiful natural sunlight, spacious, and quiet. There is an airy, welcoming waiting room for relaxing if you happen to arrive early, and the new treatment room is cozy and boasts a brand new hydraulic table, which will allow for more flexibility and comfort during sessions.

100 Cummings Drive
Suite 538-K
Beverly, MA 01915

Ample parking, completely handicap accessible, and centrally located, I am confident that everyone will love it!


Shanti Bodywork

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Contact Sarah using the form below or feel free to call (978) 882-1602.

1 week ago

Shanti Bodywork

When one of your regulars kills the booking game!
These days, Shanti is booking into Feb/March, and the system allows for booking 9 months out....hop on and claim your spots to avoid being left out in the cold!
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2 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

UPDATE: filled! Thank you 🙂

LAST MINUTE APPOINTMENT! Tomorrow (Wednesday 10/24); an hour at 11:45 — text or comment to book it, act fast! 978.882.1602
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2 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

Hello everyone!
A quick note that due to increasing requests, I’ve decided to expand my weekday schedule availability; you will now be able to book as early as 8:30am!
Shanti is currently booking into early January, so be sure to get online and schedule yourselves wayyyyy out to secure your sessions moving forward (hey, you book your dentist six months ahead; massage is WAY more fun than that! 😉)
Thank you as always for your continued support and for keeping me BUSY, and for understanding that I do my very best to accommodate each and every one of my awesome clients as best I can! 🙏
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3 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

Update: filled; thanks all! 🙂
SUPER LAST MINUTE appointment just opened up: 5:30 TONIGHT! Text fast if interested 978-882-1602 ☺️
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3 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

Hello friends! Believe it or not, Shanti is currently booking into...mid-December?!

I’ve been advising everyone to hop on the online schedule and book yourself out several months. I’d rather you cancel something later (with ample notice, of course 😉) than not get you in!

Also, let me know if you’d like to be on the cancellation list; with germ season upon us, there is a lot of shifting going on, and I’m happy to reach out when this happens!

Thanks to each and every one of you for creating and supporting my bustling little business! 💗
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4 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

UPDATE: another spot this week! Thursday 8/30! Either an hour @1pm or 90 minutes @12:30!

An hour TOMORROW (Tuesday) at either 11:15 or 1:45 just opened up — text me or reply here to snag it - move fast, it’ll fly! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️ 978.882.1602
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