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Availability for sessions is typically several weeks in the future, as I am a single practitioner. Please feel free to  asked to be added to the cancellation list in the Notes section of your appointment request. Also, follow Shanti Bodywork on Facebook, as last minute openings are posted there as well. Thank you for your understanding!

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2 weeks ago

Shanti Bodywork

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4 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

Happy August!

I have a lot of information to share, so I apologize for the long post, but it’s all important and I appreciate the read!

I've begun the process of getting my schedule up and running for reopening; I am SO excited to see you all! This being said, there are a LOT of moving parts to making this happen, and I so very much appreciate the patience through this unprecedented time. The first stage of the process is contacting EVERY PERSON on the schedule individually to see if they would like to stay on the schedule or push it out a little farther due to Covid concerns. I absolutely understand and appreciate wanting to wait before coming in, and will be moving folks out as far as they feel is comfortable. Folks that are staying on the schedule may very well get an email to discuss adjusting time/date of your appointment, to adjust for changes to my procedures due to Covid (see below). If your appointment was cancelled and you don’t have anything on the books at the moment, feel free to reach out to me directly. I’m doing my best to get to everyone, but there were hundreds of canceled and moved appointments and a reminder will not be taken as an offense 🙂

- At this time, I will not be accepting ANY new clients (except for those with gift certificates; the system for which I’ve shut down for the time being). I will maintain this “regulars only” policy until I feel comfortable opening up the practice, but it will likely be months before I do so. For me to reopen, I feel most comfortable working with clients with whom I have a strong relationship and can maintain ongoing communication.
- I will be opening slowly, with probably only 2 clients per day through August, and then reassessing at that point. There will be a full half hour between clients to ventilate, disinfect and clean the entire office with hospital grade cleaner.
- Because my office gets very strong afternoon sun (and the heat that comes with it!) I will only be working until about 1pm for August and much of September. This will allow us to keep windows open and air moving as much as possible.
- I will be limiting most sessions to an hour or less in August, to accommodate as many clients as possible and quite frankly to get the hang of the new gear 🙂
- If you are more comfortable doing so, I’m always happy to work on you fully clothed. Over the years, I’ve done quite a bit of these sessions, and some clients prefer this work! Just reach out if you’d like to chat further about this.

I will be reaching out to you the day before your session to be sure that you are feeling well, your family/contacts are feeling well, and you haven't been exposed Covid to the best of your knowledge or been in any high risk environments (air travel, out of state vacations or work trips, etc). If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, nausea/diarrhea, or loss of taste/smell, please let me know so that we can reschedule. OF COURSE please reach out and cancel if any of these things happen in the time leading up to your session. There will be no cancellation charges of any kind for any last minute cancellations due to health, of course.

You will be required to wear a mask the entire time you are in the office (when face down I may have a solution that involves some pillow case origami, stay tuned lol!). I will be wearing mask, gloves and goggles, and a barrier for my clothing for the entirety of our time together. I will, as always, “scrub in” and “scrub out” before and after each session, but will be adding sanitizer and gloves to the mix.

- Please plan to show up 5 minutes before your appointment; I need the time before to prepare for you! My waiting room chairs have been retired for the time being.
- Please only bring in what you need. Leave any large bags at home or in the car please!
- Please come alone to your appointment. I’m typically happy to have kiddos playing on their iPads in the waiting room, but not at this time.
- I’ve always been a stickler for cleaning, but Shanti Bodywork is now next level. I’ve removed all clutter from the office, added disinfectable barriers to the table, face cradle, pillows, etc that will be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant between every client. I’ve moved from blankets to flannel sheets if a layer more than a sheet is needed (my table heater will still be with us!). Between clients ALL surfaces will be disinfected; doors, light switches, chair, tables, iPad screen, pens, etc.
- Before coming in, please stop by the restroom for a thorough hand wash. I will meet you at my door with sanitizer for your hands, and will reapply once you are on the table and any time you may touch your face. Upon arrival, I will be checking temperatures; if not within a normal range, we will reschedule (no cancellation charge of course).
- I will have a Covid Health Screen and Liability Waiver for you to sign before EVERY session.
- We will keep the windows open as much as we possibly can to increase air flow in the space.
- I've also added a HEPA air filter to the treatment room.

This is a learning curve for us all, but rest assured I've been gathering loads of data, techniques, etc and I'll be offering a safe, happy place for us to ease the tension that 5 months of living through a pandemic has deposited in your muscles!

I can't wait to see you, and look forward to working with you again!

Yours in health (and tons of PPE),
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6 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

Hello to everyone on this gorgeous day! I hope you are all well and safe, and please know I’ve been thinking of you all often. Myself and my family have been healthy, and I’ve been filling my time with a lot of things, including working hard on the perennial garden - I hope this morning’s photos brighten your day a little! 💗

Just to update, we don’t have an opening date quite yet; massage therapy is categorized within the second stage of Phase 2. This being said, I am also still waiting on some backordered supplies that I will need to reopen. Once I have a date figured out, I will be likely reaching out to tweak appointments currently on the calendar, as I will need to extend time between clients for sanitation and additional steps I’ll be taking to keep things at a very high level of safety. I’m still working out the details, but a few changes that you will see include:
- Masks will be a must (when face down there may be an alternative; still working that out)
- I’ll be asking people to bring the bare minimum to sessions (e.g. no large bags plunked on the floor)
- I’ll be offering some shorter targeted sessions to help with folks who need specific areas but would like to limit their time in the room
- I’ll be offering some fully clothed shiatsu/compression/range of motion sessions, which will allow us to crank the windows and doors open for maximum fresh air flow (these sessions are awesome, by the way, I promise!)

As you know, this is an ever-shifting situation and a huge learning curve for us all. Please trust that I’ll be opening my doors when I feel it is the safe, responsible thing to do, and when this does happen I can’t wait to see you!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts; I’m always happy to hear from you!

Thank you for all of the texts, emails and other hellos along the way, and for being supportive, amazing clients - you’re the best!

Yours in health,
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8 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

I have been following the COVID-19 situation very closely, and at this juncture I have decided to close Shanti Bodywork for the time being. My goal with my practice is and always has been to promote health and wellness, and now is the time to continue to do so by stepping away from the studio. My plan is to shut down for the remainder of March, and then I will be reassessing the situation and working from there.

I'm sending calm and love to each of you and yours. Try your best to get out in the garden, or clean out some closets, or read a great book -- and please take social media and news in small doses (I know I need to follow this advice more than anyone else!). If we all do our part, we can minimize the effects of this illness and come out on the other side, perhaps a little more compassionate (and certainly more educated and with loads of extra toilet paper).

Feel free to reach out at any time; I'll eventually run out of chores here at home and will be looking for some levity and comradery!

Be well, and I look forward to seeing you very soon. Yours in health,

Ps I’ve included a photo of Pepe, one of the many four legged friends obviously WINNING at life during the lockdown, just because.
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9 months ago

Shanti Bodywork

Come and get it! ... See MoreSee Less

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