Hello Shanti Bodywork friends! A little update from yours truly. How has your summer been?

Please tell me that you’ve all been swimming and hiking and running and playing and drinking cocktails on patios, enjoying this steamy season!? I’ve been hanging in there; we are approaching 7 weeks since this all happened, and we’ve made some serious dents in Netflix as well as the trashy murder mystery paperback collection that I had amassed over the years! ?

I’ve also discovered Elastogel hot/cold wraps — if any of you have chronic aches and pains that need hot or cold therapy regularly…check them out!

I’m still not able to put the foot down at all, however if my X-rays look good and my surgeon is happy on Wednesday morning, I will begin the task of learning how to walk like a human again; allbeit a bionic one. When I return to work is really going to depend upon rehab…I would LOVE to say early September, but I am going to have to see how fast I progress, and report back to you all as this happens.

I’d like to thank each and everyone of you once more for the well wishes, good thoughts sent along and understanding and compassion during this crazy, upside down time in my life and, therefore, my business! You guys ROCK, and I cannot wait to once more think about my clients and help with YOUR healing and well being!

Much love from the sofa,

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